What's new

Website Update
May 1st 2023

  • Play
    • In the "automatic candidate elimination" mode, box candidates are now also eliminated correctly
  • Construct
    • If enough fits on the monitor, two previews are now displayed showing what the grid looks like when all known techniques are applied, or brute force.
    • You can now also enter cell candidates. These are only an aid for the puzzle creator. The candidates are deleted when the puzzle is published.

Website Update
Apr 16th 2023

  • General
    • NEW: Variant Sudokus are now supported
    • Dialogs can now be dismissed by clicking outside.
    • GUI tidied up.
    • Sudoku grid now downloadable as image.
  • Home
    • Start page now offers several Sudoku categories (some classic some variants).
  • Play
    • NEW: Auto candidate mode is here!
    • You can now switch between error visualization modes in the settings.
      • Show errors when finished
      • Show errors on collision
      • Show errors on invalid placement
  • Solver
    • Fixed issue where some XYZ-Wing would not be found.
    • Fixed XY-Chain.
  • Construction
    • NEW: Many variant rules now supported. (Diagonal, V, X, Odd, Even, Thermo, Renban, Consecutive, Sandwich, Difference, Ratio)
    • NEW: Puzzles can now be published / shared with puzzle name and setter name.
    • Easy difficulty selection while generating puzzles.
    • Number of given digits can now be chosen.

Website Update
Feb 12th 2023

  • General
    • Many small improvements
  • Play
    • Hint system revised. There are now also hints if the cell candidates are wrong.
    • NEW: All past "Sudokus of the day" can now also be selected in game mode.
    • Colors now shine slightly through the selection
  • Solver
    • Slider usability improved

Website Update
Jan 20th 2023

  • Play
    • Colors on a Sudoku can now be hidden if they are purely aesthetic
  • Construction
    • NEW: When generating, you can now adjust how often a specific technique must occur minimally and maximally
    • More options when copying a Sudoku
  • Print
    • NEW: User defined Sudokus can now be printed

Website Update
Jan 10th 2023

  • General
    • Sudoku of the Day is now on international daily themes
    • some small improvements
  • Construct
    • NEW: batch Sudoku generation
    • NEW: Sudoku templates
    • export as text (e.g. CSV)

Website Update
Nov 5th 2022

  • General
    • added support for many old browsers
    • some small improvements
  • Play
    • timer is now saved between sessions and pauses if website is in background
  • Practice
    • links for triples and quadruples work again

Website Update
Oct 25th 2022

  • General
    • NEW: page "home"
    • NEW: Sudoku of the Day
    • added YouTube and Instagram links
    • many usability improvements
    • several bugfixes
    • no connections to google and such whatsoever, if opted out
  • Play
    • NEW: region and digit highlighting - it can be adjusted in the settings menu
    • NEW: added option to fill all missing cell candidates
    • NEW: added customization control
    • difficulties of all Sudokus are now displayed underneath the grid
    • adjusted difficulties
  • Solver
    • enlarged timeline slider
  • Construct
    • generation now tries to find a Sudoku until it succeeds
  • Print
    • NEW: mode for printing pages with mixed difficulties

Website Update
Aug 5th 2022

  • adjusted font sizes
  • added tooltips
  • added confirmation for switching to solver and pasting
  • added visual feedback when player should start a new game
  • fixed browser history navigation errors

Website Update
Aug 2nd 2022

  • text/translation improvements
  • faster icon loading
  • wait indicator while page loads
  • added confirmation when deleting all cells
  • started Sudokus are correctly restored

Website Update
Jul 27nd 2022

  • Play
    • play computer generated Sudokus in different levels of difficulty
    • play self-entered Sudokus (e.g. from a newspaper)
    • play imported Sudokus (via unofficial standard or via sudoku.coach format)
    • open the currently played Sudoku in the computer solver
    • control the Sudoku grid by mouse or keyboard shortcuts (you can see which shortcuts are available by the keyboard icon in the menu bar)
    • get tips on the current position, how to advance in the game
    • choose in the options in the menu bar between standard candidate notation and Cell&Box candidate notation
  • Solver
    • load the recently played Sudoku in the solver
    • import a Sudoku by text (by unofficial standard or by sudoku.coach format)
    • go step by step through all the necessary steps to solve the sudoku
    • quickly scroll through all necessary steps
    • get a direct overview of the difficulty of a Sudoku puzzle
    • get a description of each step, what the solver is doing, and why it works (with a link to a detailed description of the technique)
    • considers the entered cell candidates
  • Construct
    • let create your own Sudoku
    • specify numbers at certain positions
    • say which cells should remain empty or should be filled in any case
    • have a correct Sudoku created from your input
    • these restrictions still exist:
      • it may be necessary to press the "Create" button several times to get a valid Sudoku
      • some inputs make a Sudoku impossible
  • Learn
    • get a detailed description of all techniques mastered by sudoku.coach computer solver
    • playable Sudokus can be opened directly in game mode or solver mode
  • Practice
    • choose a technique to practice
    • all techniques that the computer solver uses are supported
    • adjust the difficulty of the exercises
    • get tips where you can apply the current technique
    • get the solution and go to the next problem
  • Print
    • print out computer generated Sudokus of different difficulty levels
    • select the difficulty level, the number of Sudokus per page and the number of pages to print
  • General
    • in game or solver mode: simply copy Sudokus to the clipboard via CTRL-C, and paste them again via CTRL-V
    • increase the visibility of the numbers by clicking the corresponding button in the menu bar
    • two languages implemented: English, German