Naked Triple / Quadruple




Naked Singles and Naked Pairs can be generalized even more to Naked Groups.

  • A Naked Single is a Naked 1-Group. (One candidate pinned down to one cell.)
  • A Naked Pair is a Naked 2-Group. (Two candidates pinned down to two cells.)
  • A Naked Triple is a Naked 3-Group. (Three candidates pinned down to three cells.)
  • etc.

While both, Hidden Groups as well as Naked Groups, are all just groups, the word "Naked" tells us how the group was found.

A Naked Group is discovered through their cells being restricted to only the same few candidates, because all of them see all the other numbers.

In these examples, the green cells cannot hold the numbers that they see in other cells, which only leaves the remaining numbers as candidates.

More on Groups

Hidden Groups and Naked Groups are both groups. They only differ in how they are discovered.

If you haven't already read the page on groups and how they can be used, you can read about them now: Groups

Do not skip this part. The knowledge of groups is very important, and they can drastically improve your solving skills.
It is best to read about groups before looking at the upcoming examples.

When viewed from cell candidates' perspective

Here are some example of how Naked Triples and Naked Quadruples might look like in a game where the cell candidates are already notated.

Naked Triples:

Naked Quadruples: